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What do you know about food? In this series called 'Etenswaardigheden' for Albert Heijn we answer consumer questions about food.

Questions like: 'Does cooking vegetables reduce the vitamin content?' or 'How much fruit do you need to eat a day?' or 'Does the microwave spoils my food?' Watch and learn!'

Check out the videos for the answers.

Client: Albert Heijn
Agency: WaveMaker
Concept & Art director: Studio Mals
Production: Shop Around
DoP, Editor & Color grading: Setreset Films
Music & Sound design: Elephant Ears

Sound concept
The challenge was to create a quirky and recognizable tune that fits the theme of the campaign. So we did what everybody did when they were young: we created a drumkit using our mums pots and pans.

The sound design has to be funny but also complement to the videos. It has to grab the viewer without losing the attention to the storyline. So therefore we created sounds that are enhancing the movements and give enough space for the voice-over to do the talking.

We incorporated the sound design elements in the music for this video about cooking methods.