Drive your Ambition

Cars nowadays are the pinnacle of design. It is not just about getting you from A to B anymore, it is about the experience you get while driving. From the way the steering wheel feels, to the sound the engine makes when you step on the gas.

For Mitsubishi we were asked to produce a sound design that reflects this experience through their whole range of SUV’s.

Client: Mitsubishi NL
Agency: Borish, Barth van Doorn
Director: Venture, Jurian Gravett
Producer: Marjolein Aarten
DoP: Venture, Tomas van Harten
Editor & Color grading: Ishan Qureshi
Sound design & Mix: Elephant Ears

- 2 Telly Awards (Silver)

Sound concept
We were asked to create a powerful sound design that complements the energetic video and music. Our first thought was to enhance the engines, but with the Mitsubishi PHEV being full electric this wasn't going to work. And it would also be too agressive for a family car SUV. So we had to look for other sounds that could create the same powerful experience.

We came up with the idea of using tire-surface sounds for the power feeling and wind sounds for speed. This way it sounds very powerful, but also kind of friendly.

Mitsubishi ASX close
Mitsubishi PHEV close
Mitsubishi Eclipse-Cross close
Mitsubishi PHEV wide
Mitsubishi ASX wide
Mitsubishi Eclipse-Cross wide