Nature: All Rights Reserved

Composition / Films / Sound Design


Nature: All Rights Reserved is a short experimental documentary that examines the role of simulated nature in our society. How can this simulated nature satisfy the needs of people living in the city and could it ever replace real nature?

- Buma Music in Motion New Talent award 2017
- Award for most courageous, artistically and socially ambitious film at dokumentART film festival Germany 2017
- Best student film 2017 at Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen
- Best documentary award 2017 at Original Narrative Film Festival in Dubai

- Dioraphte award for best director at the NFF 2016


Director: Sebastian Mulder
DoP: Maxime Brun
Editor: Wouter Hoek
Color grading: Goos van den Berg
Music & Sound design: Elephant Ears
Studio: Studio Bart Jilesen