Elephant Ears is an audio post-production studio with Big Ears for Sound.

Our herd is specialized in sound design and music composition for advertising and film. With ears for detail and a trunk for story we have the ability to design an experience where image and sound bond together and create true immersion.

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Mike van Creij

sound designer
likes to come up with cool sound concepts and loves to get down to the nitty gritty of every mix. In his spare time he likes to collect as many different special beers in Untappd.

Lars van Leeuwen

sound designer
is passionate about sound in general and loves telling a good story with it. He also likes to play around with his synth and maintains a small indoor-jungle at home.

Our herd

of composers
consists of a wide range of composers with different musical styles. Whether you’re looking for a big score to accompany your stampede, or a minimalistic backdrop for those intimate scenes: we’ve got you covered.

Some of our clients:



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Elephant Ears

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Lars +31 6 18 76 11 61

Concordiastraat 68
nr. 124
3551 EM, Utrecht

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