Buiten Westen

Festival teaser 2017

Join us into the world of Buiten Westen, where drums tremble and Elephants dance! For this festival in Amsterdam we designed a world of sound that reminds us of paradise.

Client: Buiten Westen festival
Concept, Production & Art direction: Studio Kartel
Motion graphics: Roeland Schmohl Design
Music: Jaap Kattevilder
Sound design & Mix: Elephant Ears

Sound concept
This trailer consists of 6 different chapters, representing the 6 different stages that can be found at the festival.

We gave each chapter their own unique character in sound, while keeping the overall feeling the same. Besides that, we designed the sound to be very rhythmic to support the flow of the animation and edit.

BuitenWesten Peacock
BuitenWesten Snake
BuitenWesten Ibex
BuitenWesten Lizard
BuitenWesten Frog
BuitenWesten Baboon