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short film

This film discribes the feeling we all have now during the lockdown of the Covid-19 virus. We want to support the cultural industry in these difficult times.

Together with Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and 8 museums in Rotterdam we worked on this beautiful short film. Let the art be the inspiration and fuel for our lives.

Dancers: Scapino Ballet Rotterdam
Museums: Wereldmuseum Rotterdam, Boijmans en Beuningen museum, Natuurhistorisch museum Rotterdam, Maritiem museum Rotterdam, Rotterdam museum, Chabot museum, Rotterdam Tram museum & Douane en Belastingdienst museum Rotterdam.

Production agency: Trenchcoat Film
Sound design: Elephant Ears

Sound concept
The beautiful dancers from the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam did a really wonderful job on the choreography in this film. So we had to step up our game and create a powerful layer of foley to enhance all the movements the dancers make.

Together with some extra sound effect layers, we enriched the story even more. We even asked one of our fellow mammoths to do some big growls in front of the mic.

Check out this behind the scenes

Some stills

Museum woman floor
Museum man floor
Museum woman tram
Museum man paintings
Museum woman planes
Museum man growl
Museum woman close
Museum women man together