Half Leeg

short film

Half Leeg is a short film about cynical Daan, who is doing nothing with his life. At a party, he meets Sarah, who helps him during a panic attack. Can she help him to see life from a positive perspective again, or will he return to his isolation that he enjoys so much?

Cast: Abel de Vries, Johanna Hagen, Jord Knotter and Ruben Brinkman
Director: Tim Schijf
Producer: Timothy Kasri
DoP: Jeroen Zwart
Editor & Color grading: Bram Baas
Music, Sound design & Mix: Elephant Ears

- Best actor at the EFF 2015

- best sound design at EFF 2015
- best music at the EFF 2015

Sound concept
For Half Leeg (Half Empty) we asked ourselves: how does the world sound inside Daan's mind? We found out it's drifting from loud parties to somber and introspective cello tones, and back.

The sound design subtly underlines Daan's felt distance to his environment. We constantly switch from perspective in sound. From the safety of his personal thoughts to the outside world he doesn't like, but has to live in.