Alles kan met Kerst

HEMA came up with a different kind of Christmas campagne this year. Not your typical family and food kind of stuff. They wanted to show what other things you can do with their Christmas products.

In this campaign they created 3 videos to show you what other things you can do with their Christmas product. They made a fashionable tuxedo jacket with wrapping paper, an elegant Christmas necklace and different ways to use the traditional Dutch delicacy: the Oliebol.
Because during Christmas, everything is possible!

Client: HEMA
Production: Shop Around
Concept, Craft & Direction: Studio Mals
DoP: Encrite
Editor & Color grading: Bob Embregts Music: Bart van der Elst
Sound design & Mix: Elephant Ears

Sound concept
These videos already are a visual masterpiece. Our job was to enhance the different use of the HEMA products.

We did this by accentuating the materials that were used to let the viewer know that not everything you see is what you think it is.