sleep drink

Not feeling fresh? Having trouble sleeping? Then this sleep drink is what you need. With natural ingredients you will sleep like a baby elephant.

Client: Nox, Desmond & Demian
Concept & Art director: Studio Mals
DoP, Editor & Color grading: The Bache
Production: Shop Around
Sound design & Mix: Elephant Ears

Sound concept
To help the story, we came up with sound elements that really matches the sleep drink brand. The transition is enhanced with a custom can-open-woosh sound.And with a party whistle and confetti coming out of your toot-paste tube, you know it will be a big party today.

With special bling-bling-sounds you feel the sparkles. Put on your dancing shoes. You are ready for a brand new day.

The slider sound must sound familiar to everyone. Pull the cord and sleep like a baby Elephant.