Royal Reesink

Reco eTrac

Royal Reesink is a well known equipement distributor for agriculture, logistic warehousing and the construction industry. There is a growing demand for for an emission free tool carrier. So they developed the fully electric tool carrier Reco eTrac.

Client: Royal Reesink
Agency: KLCK
Director: Raphaël ter Maat & Marco Espinosa
DoP: Raphaël ter Maat
Producers: Onur Üçüncü & Max Meijer
Sound design & Music: Elephant Ears & Gerwin Weidenaar

Sound concept
For the launch of this electric tool carrier they wanted to create a big buzz, because it is the first one in the world.

We Elephants know how to make a big impression, so we went big and created this epic electrifying music and powerful sound effects.

Some stills

Reco lamp vloer
Reco bezem
Reco wide water
Reco lamp doek
Reco vloer